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Kitchen Appliances and Gadgets For the Serious Home Chef

10 Beyond-Basic Kitchen Upgrades For the Serious Home Cook

Image Source: Bed Bath & Beyond

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If you're the type to order vintage issues of Gourmet from eBay, binge-watch YouTube videos on proper knife technique, and have OPINIONS on whether aioli is really just mayonnaise, then you might be a little obsessed with cooking. And the more you cook, the more ambitious your culinary goals may be. Taking on increasingly complex recipes is an adventure worth embarking upon; whether your soufflés puff up perfectly or not, the process will always help you learn and get better. And isn't that the actual joy of cooking?

To take your cooking skills to the next level, you'll first need a can-do attitude that will take you far. Second, you'll want to keep building those practical skills, such as chopping and sautéing. And of course, you'll probably want to upgrade to better kitchen tools and equipment. (That set of dull knives, for instance? They're just not cutting it anymore.) For that last part, Bed Bath & Beyond has you covered with thousands of items to enhance your cooking and baking abilities.

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