You've Never Seen Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch Like This

Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch is one of the most famed celebrity properties ever. The massive Santa Barbara, CA, property is up for grabs to buyers with the $100 million in cold, hard cash to snag it. But if you don't have the funds to occupy the legendary home, then this video is the next best way to get inside.

In the enticing five-minute video released by Sotheby's International Realty, we're given an unprecedented aerial view of the ranch's lush green meadows and rarely seen interiors, including the built-in dance studio, movie theater, and an animal pasture — and these are only a fraction of the epic amenities that occupy the ranch!

While we'll probably have to save for a lifetime to close the deal on the space, this video is sure to leave buyers and dreamers alike swooning over the one-of-a-kind landmark. Watch along to see for yourself.

2/26/16 Update: The video has been removed by Sotheby's International Realty.