16 Not-So-Scary Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Ideas For Halloween

Just as you can't have Halloween without pumpkins, you also can't have Disney without Mickey. That's why, for Disney fans, the perfect Halloween has to involve Mickey Mouse pumpkins. Though Mickey is a classic, you might be surprised at how many Mickey pumpkin ideas there are. From the classic big pumpkin with two smaller ones on top for ears, to intricate carvings of Mickey alone or with his pals, there are a ton of ways to make a Mickey pumpkin of your own.

Whether carving, painting or decorating, or even crafting your own from scratch, there are a variety of options when it comes to Disney-ing up your Halloween decor. Main Street USA Mickey, Mickey and Minnie, scarecrow Mickey — the list goes on. Take a look at the slideshow ahead for some great ideas.


Main Street Mickey Pumpkin by @disneyfamily

All hail the (Mickey) Pumpkin King! Wishing you were at Disneyland? Then consider re-creating its Main Street USA Mickey pumpkin display with some paint, glue, and other crafting tools.


No-Carve Mickey and Minnie Pumpkins by @thenovicehomesteader

By using foam pumpkins, there'll be no messy cleanup required to make these adorable Mickey and Minnie pumpkins this Halloween.


Ghost Mickey by @vacations.by.amy

Boo to you! Make Mickey ghostly with the help of black and white paint.


Minimalist Mickey-Shaped Pumpkin by @mydisneylandhome

Want a Mickey-shaped pumpkin without having to carve or paint him? That's easy — stick two mini pumpkins to a larger foam pumpkin to create the classic Mickey ears.


DIY Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Succulent Planter by @mainstmuse

With a hollow foam pumpkin and some cute faux succulents, you can easily make your own chic Mickey Mouse succulent planter for Halloween this year.


Smiling Mickey Face Pumpkin by @amandaw205

Here's a cute twist on the classic Mickey-o'-lantern. Use the pumpkin as a canvas for a cute Mickey that lights up with a warm Halloween glow.


Vampire Mickey by @thoughtsofwhimsy

We know vampires are supposed to be scary, but when Mickey is involved, they're also adorable. This intricately carved pumpkin features a vampire Mickey and a jack-o'-lantern in one.


Mickey and Minnie Pumpkin by @dollylovesdisney

What's Mickey without Minnie? This pumpkin that features silhouettes of Mickey and Minnie with a heart is more sweet than spooky.


Mickey Decal Pumpkin by @mamabearreview

Want Mickey flair without having the hassle or messiness of carving or painting a pumpkin? Try buying some Mickey decals to decorate it instead.


Winking Mickey Mouse Shaved Pumpkin by @sweetcakes_and_milkshakes

This shaved pumpkin features an adorable winking Mickey face, plus two smaller pumpkins as ears.


Scarecrow Mickey Pumpkin by @acrylic_scapes

Why stop at one pumpkin for Mickey's head when you can make him full-bodied? Between the hay, the black and white ribbon, and the colorful leaves, this scarecrow-themed Mickey just screams autumn.


Black and White Mickey Pumpkin by @disneyfandana

What's black, white, and glittered all over? These painted white pumpkins featuring classic black Mickey heads — jazzed up with glitter!


Mickey Mouse Pants Pumpkin by @deelynne1970

Mickey's pants can be a pumpkin too! Go classic Mickey by painting a pumpkin red and black. Don't forget the buttons!


Mickey and Pals Pumpkin by @thoughts_of_whimsy

Mickey's always the star, but this pumpkin also gives some love to two of his best pals: Goofy and Donald.


Paper Bat Mickey by @_sarah_matthews

Spooky and creative? Check and check. This bat Mickey pumpkin is actually made of paper! If you wish, try it with a painted pumpkin and matching paper wings.


Mickey Pumpkin Wreath by @diznify

This adorable pumpkin idea is inspired by the Mickey pumpkin wreaths found in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom during spooky season. What a colorful (and adorable) way to spice up your door.