Mila Kunis Gave Her Parents the Surprise of a Lifetime With a Home Makeover

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Mila Kunis is a hilarious actress and a wonderful mother, and now she can add talented home renovator to her résumé! In a recent episode of My Houzz, Mila surprised her parents with an incredible home makeover. It's the condo Mila grew up in and where her parents, Mark and Elvira, have lived for 20 years, but as the Bad Moms actress said for herself, it was time to give it an upgrade.

When Mila was just 9 years old, the Kunis family moved from the Ukraine to Los Angeles, and they have lived in the same condo since, but the living, dining, and kitchen areas of the home needed work. "Knowing how hard I work now for what I have puts things into perspective for how much harder my parents had to work to have given us the life my brother and I had," she said. "So I desperately want to give them something they deserve."

She teamed up with LA-based designer Breeze Giannasio to transform the kitchen and living room into an open-space floor plan, making it ideal for family gatherings. Mila wanted to make sure whoever was in the kitchen would not feel isolated from the rest of the group hanging out in the living room. Her husband, Ashton Kutcher, actually remodeled his mom's basement in a previous My Houzz episode, but that didn't stop him from making a tear-jerking toast during the reveal of the home.

Watch the episode above and prepare to be amazed at how even at nine months pregnant, Mila was determined to give her parents the surprise of a lifetime. (And yes, that involved knocking down walls.)