Miley Cyrus's Mom Designed Her a Superstylish Barn For When She Visits Home

Until recently, Tish Cyrus was best known for being the mom of music superstar Miley Cyrus and wife of country legend Billy Ray Cyrus — but this mother of five (yes, she has five kids!) is seriously talented all on her own. This May, she stunned Bravo fans with her interior design skills in the series Cyrus vs. Cyrus, and she just opened the doors of her new Nashville abode to Architectural Digest.

While the entire home is inspiring — think cozy, country boho — perhaps the most standout element is the barn Tish designed specifically for Miley. "The floors were dirt; there was no flooring at all; and I thought the contractors were going to say we had to tear it down. But we ran the plumbing and we ran the electrical," she told Architectural Digest. After having to literally pick up the barn and move it closer to the main house in order to meet city codes, Tish set to work creating a "spunky" place for Miley to hang out when she visits home. Twinkle lights, a loft bed, and pops of bright pastels mark the one-of-a-kind barn guest house. Check it out ahead, and then visit Architectural Digest to read the complete feature on the Cyruses' new home.

The twinkle lights make Miley's barn especially cozy.

Tish expanded the main home from 1,200 to 3,000 square feet and completely overhauled the kitchen.

Eric Ryan Anderson via Architectural Digest

The home's backyard is made for entertaining friends and family and throwing barbecues.