6 Must-Read Facts Straight From Nicole Curtis About Her Second Pregnancy

Lauren Noess
Lauren Noess

Nicole Curtis doesn't hold much back, but when it came to her 2015 pregnancy, she was uncharacteristically tight-lipped. In fact, most viewers didn't even know Nicole was expecting until her baby, a brother for 18-year-old son Ethan, had already been born! In her new memoir, Better Than New: Lessons I've Learned From Saving Old Homes (and How They Saved Me) ($28), Nicole finally opens up about the experience, from discovering she was pregnant to welcoming her little guy into the world.

Not only did POPSUGAR Home get exclusive access to the never-before-seen (and completely adorable) image above, but we also got a sneak peek at the book. After reading it, we asked Nicole about the biggest baby revelations, and you can check out what they are and what she had to add to them ahead. Then check out Better Than New to read her full birth story and so much more.

  • The pregnancy was a surprise, but Nicole was long passionate about having more children and excited to find out she was expecting.
  • She kept the pregnancy out of the media because for her it was a sacred, private time. She didn't want this blessed experience spoiled by gossip or to be bombarded by attention.
  • No one expected to see her pregnant, so she literally flew under the radar while on the road for Beach Flip. She told us, "No one recognized me as the big pregnant woman in the airport, it was great."
  • She got creative hiding her belly on the show and used her dog Lucy to hide it during appearances. Nicole explains, "It became a game while shooting — how can we hide it now?"
  • She had a long and doula-assisted birth.
  • She is a proud baby-wearing, breastfeeding, working mama who advocates for infant mental health awareness and is against circumcision.