What Really Happened When Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis Was Robbed

Nicole Curtis of HGTV's Rehab Addict has dedicated her career to combatting urban blight in Detroit, rescuing old homes that would otherwise sit unoccupied and unloved and restoring their former grandeur. But despite her commitment to the city, Nicole has unfortunately proved that violence can happen to anyone there.

Nicole took to Facebook this week to share the scary tale of an attempted carjacking she suffered in Detroit on Monday. In a post that has since been taken down, Nicole detailed the ordeal in which a man jumped out of a running car in front of her as she entered her own parked vehicle. "I was the 'victim' of an attempted carjacking and it made me question every single thing I have going on in my life. I kept it together thru the police report and about halfway home ... I lost it," she wrote. "Here I am the self-appointed 'come live in the city — there's no such thing as bad neighborhoods just bad neighbors' and I got ... robbed."

However, it seems some hysteria has ensured in the wake of Nicole's revelation. Police say there was, in fact, no attempted carjacking, but instead, a purse-snatching incident.

Via Facebook, Nicole sought to clarify what she viewed as errors in earlier news reports. On Wednesday, she posted the following:


I was with my family this week. A black SUV was parked running in front of our vehicle when we approached our car. As we were loading into the car, one of the passengers jumped out of the black suv, jumped INTO my driver's seat -went for keys (they were with me outside passenger side) they then grabbed my large work bag NOT purse from where they were sitting in my car. It contained my laptop and several other items. Jumped into the black SUV and drove off.

I called 911 - then walked a block to Where police were.

It's unfortunate that the news decided to run their own version. It kind of reminds of that game telephone we played in Junior High
Be safe -be aware. And thank you for all the emails, texts, phone calls of concern.

One thing is for sure: this was a very scary incident.