You're Either Going to Scream or Swoon Over This House Filled With 1,500 Toy Clowns

If you have coulrophobia, look away, because this Ontario home listing is probably your worst nightmare. From the outside, this two-bedroom, one-bathroom home is a cozy brick abode in Brantford, Ontario, but once you step inside, you'll see that it's filled with an overwhelming amount of interior decor. The 222 Chatham St. home, which is currently listed at $239,900, is described as a "charming brick bungalow on quiet street close to schools and parks," but the photos speak for themselves, showing the home filled with over 1,500 toy clowns.

There's clown wallpaper, porcelain clown dolls, clown magnets, clown artwork, and even a statue of a clown butler in the dining room. Every corner in the home is decorated with clowns, which brings up the question — what would provoke someone to go so clown crazy?!

Michael McMannis's elderly mother and stepfather have lived in the home for 30 years and have spent the last 25 adding to their budding clown collection, but he has "no idea" how this full-blown obsession came about. He told the Toronto Star it started as a fun thing to do on weekends, "to find a clown they liked that they didn't have already." Unfortunately for his mother, only "a few" clowns will be moving with them after they sell the home.

Realtor Kyle Jansink knew this home would grab the attention of prospective buyers, and we have to agree. Keep reading to see photos of the jaw-dropping yet totally impressive toy-clown-filled home.