This Is What Your Outdoor Space Is Missing For Fall

The Summer season always feels too short. Almost as soon as you take your patio furniture out of hibernation and get your outdoor space looking just how you want it, it's time to close it up again for the season. But outdoor living doesn't have to end as soon as Labor Day hits. Take your balcony, deck, or backyard from Summer to Fall with some of these quick additions to your outdoor space.

A Beautiful Autumn Wreath

Nothing says Autumn like a beautiful, rustic wreath. And with these delightful Fall-inspired pieces, there's no end to the amount of creativity and personality you can put into yours! Whether you go for something neutral like this nature-inspired wreath or one full of Autumn colors, it's the perfect addition to your front or back outdoor space.

A Collection of Pumpkins

It just wouldn't be Fall without pumpkins, and they're an essential part of any outdoor Autumn decor. Real ones don't last as long as decorative ones, but either way, they'll turn your space into an Autumn sanctuary. Group them together on a table for an easy outdoor centerpiece or place a couple on some outdoor stairs.

Festive Signage

Bring the feeling of the pumpkin patch to you! Whether you have a large backyard or a small balcony, Autumn signage can make any outdoor space feel like an autumnal getaway. You can easily re-create these directional signs, or you can make use your own favorite Autumn adage.

Switch Out Your Cushions

If you have outdoor seating, one of the quickest and easiest ways to transition your outdoor space into the new season is to switch out any Summer cushions for Fall pieces. Just make sure any fabric you use is intended for outdoor use so it doesn't fade or get damaged by the elements.

Fall Flowers

From planters to flower arrangements to flowerbeds and everything in between, your options for Fall flowers are endless. To really get that Fall vibe in your outdoor space, choose flowers with quintessential Fall colors like oranges, yellows, and reds. Find out which flowers do best in the Fall.

Outdoor Lighting

As the days start to get shorter and cooler, we get fewer chances to use our outdoor spaces. But don't let the darker evenings stop you from enjoying your space! Install some string lights for a simple and elegant way to add ambiance to your space for Fall and extend patio season past the Summer months.

Cozy Fabrics

Keep yourself warm during those cool Fall evenings with some comfy fabrics. Get some accent pillows in knitted fabrics and drape a luxurious faux fur blanket over your patio furniture. It will turn your outdoor space into your favorite Fall reading nook!

An Outdoor Rug

Rugs aren't just a great way to anchor your space. Rugs add another level of comfort to your outdoor space that you never even knew you needed! A rug with a great Fall pattern or Fall colors will make your space feel cozy, and will also create a barrier between a chilly deck or patio stones and your feet.

A Fire Pit

Depending on the bylaws where you live, a fire pit can really take your patio or backyard from a Summer sanctuary to an Autumn oasis! Whether you decide to build your own or buy something premade, it's sure to keep you warm during those cool Autumn evenings.