GOT's Alfie Allen's Real Life Is Much, MUCH Better than Theon Greyjoy's

Theon Greyjoy has had, shall we say, a rough journey on Game of Thrones. And while we may cringe watching him on screen every Sunday night, English actor Alfie Allen certainly isn't shying away from the good life off screen. Alfie savors a luxe hotel room, but also dives headfirst into the pastoral country life, with its lush gardens and antique furniture. And did we mention he's a sucker for any type of decor that references Game of Thrones? This guy's got a sense of humor and good taste to boot. See for yourself ahead.

He loves luxe fabrics.

Alfie savors a good tulip garden.

He and his adorable pup aren't afraid to let loose in a hotel room.

Alfie finds a golden throne more enticing than the Iron Throne.

He doesn't shy away from good 'ol country living.

Alfie's rea-life decor taste is influenced by his GOT character's.

He appreciates a room with a view.

Alfie enjoys simple servingware, like coffee in a classic white cup and saucer with a rock-candy lollipop on top.

He makes himself at home in classic English country manors.

He has a sense of humor when it comes to GOT home decor.

He's a fan of a classic English bucolic view.

Alfie appreciates fine art, although this piece doesn't quite seem right for his home.