Reese Witherspoon May Be a Huge Star, but Her Homes Are Still So Cozy and Inviting — See Inside!

Every time we turn around, Reese Witherspoon gives us another reason to love her. While we could go on for hours about her hit TV shows, classic movies, and stellar book recommendations, today we want to focus on how much we love her gorgeous homes. The Little Fires Everywhere and The Morning Show star has shared a number of photos from her spaces, which include a home in LA that she and her husband, Jim Toth, recently sold. Reese also has a place in Nashville and a ranch in Malibu, CA. Just judging by what we've seen on Instagram and in videos, we can tell her homes are beautiful and feel very perfect for Reese. We pulled together some photos of her best design elements in the gallery ahead, so check them out, and get inspired to decorate just like she did.

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Take a Video Tour of Reese's LA Home


Brick Fireplace

In this room, Reese has a cozy fireplace surrounded by cream-colored bricks, which is surely a good spot to relax during chillier times.

Comfy Couches
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Comfy Couches

In one of her sitting rooms, Reese has tons of comfy couches and chairs to spread out on. They're all complementary but not too matchy-matchy.


In-Ground Pool

Of course Reese's backyard has a crystal-clear pool. It looks to have a jacuzzi surrounded by stone as well.


Modern Fixtures

This kitchen has a bit of a modern touch with the cabinet fixtures. The narrow metal handles contrast beautifully with the crisp white wood.


Tree Swing

Reese has a supercozy spot in the backyard with this swing. The giant egg-shaped swing is the perfect place to sit and read her book-club picks!

Intimate Dining Room
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Intimate Dining Room

Even with a large house, you don't have to have a huge dining room. Reese's is spacious but not overly so, which means a dinner party still feels intimate.


Bed Nook

The bed nook in Tennessee's room is SO fun! It has built-in shelves both above it and on the sides and drawers under it. Talk about maximizing the storage space.


Spacious Porch

This porch stretches for ages, which gives Reese a ton of outdoor space to chill. It also looks to butt up against floor-to-ceiling windows or doors to the house.


Dressing Space

Whether this is in Reese's closet or just her vanity area, it's so full of space. Look at all the drawers to keep her jewels and accessories in!

Baby Grand Piano
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Baby Grand Piano

Reese has a beautiful baby grand piano in the front room of this house. Because it's right by the windows, there's plenty of light coming in.


Pup Accessories

Reese even has accessories to match her dogs, like this ceramic French bulldog. How cute is that?


Blue Accents

We're a little bit obsessed with the blue accents in this area. They're not only on the walls but on the curtains as well.


Patterned Furniture

Reese's spaces are a great mix of modern, rustic, and comfortable. This huge patterned sofa with a contrasting patterned pillow feels extra lived in and cozy.

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Yes, this house has a trampoline sunk into the ground. Reese can even do flips on it, so clearly she's spent some time out there.


Old-Fashioned Window Panes

The window panes on these windows feel totally rustic. They're perfectly weathered to feel old-fashioned.


Giant Ottoman

This ottoman might be bigger than Reese is, which means there's plenty of room to prop her feet up. She matched it to the couch for a light, bright space.


Glass Cabinets

In this kitchen, Reese opted for glass-front cabinets in some spots, which allows her to show off some of her dishes. This is an especially nice touch if you have fancy dishware you want people to see.

So Many Books
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So Many Books

In what looks to be the library or the study, Reese has shelves upon shelves of books, neatly organized. The display is also paired with some art to break up the monotony.


Chic Front Door

Reese is a Southern gal at heart, and we love the farmhouse vibes of her front door.


Backyard Lounge Chairs

These chairs and couch are perfect for relaxing in the warm sunshine.


Space to Stretch

How serene does her backyard look?!


Welcoming Entryway

You can see into her home in this photo, and we love the cute little bench in the background!


Large Bedroom Door

How relaxing to have your bedroom open up into your outdoor space with a large door.


Large Kitchen Table

This table is perfect for large family gatherings — and art projects!


Laundry Room

You can peep Reese's clean and organized laundry space in this video, which is right off her kitchen.


Kitchen Artwork

We love the added touch of a few framed photos on her kitchen counter.


Outdoor Seating

The mixed patterns on her outdoor couch and pillows just scream Draper James style.


Holiday Vibes

Reese perfectly decorated with stockings during the holidays.


Table Setting

How gorgeous is her Thanksgiving dinner setup here? We also love her separate, smaller seating area right off the dining room.