I Tried That "Saltburn" Bathwater Candle and Now Feel Closer to Jacob Elordi

POPSUGAR Photography | Jamie Valentino
POPSUGAR Photography | Jamie Valentino
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Jacob Elordi stands six feet and five inches tall, so I was surprised to read three and a half inches in length, although the girth was promising. Still, I've been around the block enough times to know what really matters is the smell.

Candles are a love language for me, specifically, self-love. I spark them on solo evenings, and I tend to embrace scents that fill a room with personality. So when I heard about a Jacob Elordi's Bathwater candle being sold on Etsy, I figured a date night with the candle was the next best thing after bathing with the actor.

"Saltburn," one of last year's biggest, conversation-sparking movies, was the inspiration behind the candle — specifically the scene where Oliver Quick (Barry Keoghan) drinks Felix Catton's (Elordi) bathwater. The scene caused a stir and, eventually, merch. Elordi himself was in fact presented with the candle in a January appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon." (Elordi slurped the candle.)

I appreciate a gimmick as much as a good fragrance, so I haven't been this excited since my encounter with Gwyneth Paltrow's "This Smells Like My Vagina" candle. Would Jacob Elordi's Bathwater outshine the Goop founder's potent, seductive smell? After all, no two viral candles are alike. Unlike Paltrow's candle, however, Elordi didn't produce this one. But thankfully, it's also much cheaper. So, let me be your nose of approval.

What I Like About the Jacob Elordi's Bathwater Candle

Although Jacob Elordi did not make the candle, I like that it kind of matches his appearance. The candle has a subtle design, but its bold black text asserts dominance — the mystique of Elordi in a nutshell, one might say. The candle's simplistic style fits any decor or aesthetic, if that's important to you.

I typically like a scent to punch me in the face, but Jacob Elordi's Bathwater is like a kiss of cinnamon on my forehead, sprinkled with sugar for sweetness. I can see myself using it when friends come over, echoing that same welcoming feeling that accompanies the smell of fresh-baked cookies.

Overall, it's a solid candle. The wick burns effectively producing a puddle of wax in no time (be patient, it takes a little longer for the smell to linger in the air). More importantly, the candle retains its aroma for multiple rounds.

What to Consider Before Trying the Jacob Elordi's Bathwater Candle

First and foremost, ensure you're buying the correct Etsy candle, as the virality has inspired many copycat vendors.

It's worth noting that the candle has three scent options: Vanilla Bean, Sea Breeze, and Comfort Spice. I wish, however, the Etsy vendor would've specified more details about each candle's respective fragrance.

Also, another word of caution: the wick is a grower, not a shower, and the flame surprised me compared to its size. Avoid putting it near plants or anything hovering over it that can catch fire.

I was a little put off by the shipping price. The item costs $29, but the shipping fee rounds it off to about $40, bringing a novelty candle to the luxury sector. I personally don't think twice about a fun gimmick when we're talking twenties, but doubling that might make me reconsider.

Who the "Jacob Elordi's Bathwater Candle" Is Best For

I'd of course recommend the now-famous Jacob Elordi's Bathwater candle to any superfan of the actor or "Saltburn." Also, if being a part of the zeitgeist is like the fountain of youth that keeps your TikTok thriving, order up.

People sensitive to strong odors will also appreciate the subtlety of the scent. (Elordi's "Babygirl" energy is definitely felt.)

Lastly, if your guest bathroom needs a conversation starter, look no further.

Additional Details About the Jacob Elordi's Bathwater Candle

The handmade candle is three inches wide and three and a half inches tall. It's made of soy wax, which is fabulous because it's nontoxic and less likely to trigger allergies.

Again, I do wish the vendor specified more details about the three scents. When splurging $40, you want to be confident about your purchase.

Where Is the Jacob Elordi's Bathwater Candle Available?

You can buy the Jacob Elordi's Bathwater ($29) candle from Etsy vendor SideHustleVibes.


Overall, I'd rate the handsome candle four stars. Perhaps it's not a repeat purchase, as other candles of equal value provide more bang for the buck, but it's fun with a pleasant smell. I certainly felt closer to the actor, as if a wick could light our spark.


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