Get Ready For the Swankiest Property Brothers Makeovers Yet

We were thrilled when HGTV's Property Brothers traveled south of the Canadian border to film in the states; so thrilled, in fact, that we took an in-depth look at their casting application. Now, Drew and Jonathan are back and gearing up for what is looking to be their most luxurious season yet.

The dynamic twins are currently casting season six homebuyers in Westchester, NY, and Fairfield, CT, affluent counties in the suburbs of Manhattan where the median household income is 35 and 36 percent higher than the national.

The deep-pocketed locals aren't the only reason we think it's going to be the swankiest season yet — after all, season five was also filmed in this area. What really has us looking forward to lavish home renovations are the updated casting requirements. Where buyers were previously only required to have a $65,000 budget to put into the renovation, this season the minimum budget is $100,000.

Season six hasn't even started filming yet, and we can hardly wait to see how Drew and Jonathan spend the extra money. One thing is for sure, there are some grand home makeovers ahead!