These Trendy Skull Planters Will Speak to Your Dark, Halloween-Loving Soul

If Hocus Pocus is your favorite movie and you light pumpkin-spice candles all year round, you're on the same page as us and realize that Halloween is truly a yearlong celebration. But sometimes it seems like a waste of money to splurge on kitschy, cobweb-covered decor that's really only appropriate and socially acceptable during the month of October. That's why our cold, dark souls are head-over-heels obsessed with skull succulent planters. They add a mysterious, slightly dark vibe to any room without being too dreary or creepy, making them the perfect fit for Halloween and beyond. If you're itching to add a Gothic-chic touch to your shelves, bedside table, or desk, read on to shop the coolest skeletal planters on the market.

A matte-black finish makes this skull planter ($42) as Gothic as can be.

Place two of your favorite plants in the empty eye sockets of this semicreepy plant pot ($42).

If realistic skulls freak you out, this gold one ($20) is just for you.

These ceramic planters ($16 each) come in either light blue or black.

Why settle on just one skull when you can have six on the same cool plant holder ($18)?

The pewter finish on this intricate skull planter ($85) adds an upscale touch to the Gothic trend.

The bone-like color of this planter ($30) makes it look almost a little too realistic.

Why settle for just one skull when you can get this set of three ($42)?

You'll definitely want to keep this skull plant holder ($30) around the house for Halloween — and maybe even beyond!

We've got our hearts set on one of these marble succulent planters ($12 each).

This plant holder ($59) might be the most hyper-realistic skull we've seen yet!

Looking to add a colorful yet slightly eerie touch to your desktop? This teal skull planter should do the trick.

You can never go wrong with sleek ceramic decor like these white skull planters ($32 each).

OMG, this planter ($8) is rose gold and miniature? Heck yes!

Marble decor is the key to our hearts, and this trendy planter ($18) is no exception.

The glossy finish on these ceramic skull planters ($18 each) would add a polished touch to your desk decor.