If You Copy 1 Thing in Taylor Swift's House, This Should Be It

Not only did we get a long look at Taylor Swift's stunning Beverly Hills home during her 73 Questions video for Vogue, but we also learned a lot about her! The singer divulged that her favorite candle is Byredo's Tree House Scented Candle ($80) — and while it's not cheap, it might be the only thing in her gorgeous house that we can actually afford! The artisan Byredo label is based out of Sweden, but the candles are handmade in France with signature black wax that can burn for 60 hours and placed in mouth-blown glass vessels. The Tree House scent that Taylor favors is inspired by one of Japanese architect Takashi Kobayashi's famous tree houses. As for scent, it seems Taylor is attracted to earthy and masculine blends, as the candle smells of leather and cedarwood with notes of bamboo, pimento, and hay.