5 TV Shows That Will Satisfy Your Tiny-House Obsession

Tiny homes sure are adorable, so it is no wonder that they are quickly taking the housing market by storm. But besides their miniature appeal, they are gaining traction for much more than what meets the eye. Smaller homes are remarkably efficient and can be more environmentally sound compared to an average-sized home. Not to mention, the financial demands are significantly less with only about 500 square feet to care for on a daily basis.

And just like with any other craze that we love, the reality TV show options are suddenly popping up left and right. Now, not only can we get a glimpse inside the minds of the tiny-home inhabitants, but we also get the opportunity to know the people who are behind the construction and design of these small-living spaces. Read on to find out more about five not-to-miss shows all centered on the unique tiny-home lifestyle.

Tiny Luxury

Follow home-building couple Tyson and Michelle Spiess, along with their extended family, as they design and construct custom, luxury tiny homes for families across the nation. Each Tiny Luxury episode on HGTV features a beginning-to-end construction of a beautiful and high-end tiny home. You will be amazed at what they are able to come up with to please their clients!

Tiny House Nation

Traveling across America, renovation experts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin find and help families create their dream tiny homes in spaces no bigger than 500 square feet in this FYI Television Network show. Not only does Tiny House Nation celebrate living minimally, but it also shines light on the amazing creativity that can be found in the tiny-house movement.

Tiny House Hunters

HGTV's Tiny House Hunters is a spinoff of its original hit House Hunters, just with miniature abodes only! Each episode features home seekers who are trying to decide if the tiny-house lifestyle is right for them. They will be presented with three prospective housing options, and they must decide by the end of the episode if they too are ready to take the plunge into scaled-back living.

Tiny House, Big Living

Viewers get to experience first-hand what it means to downsize in this HGTV series. Tiny House, Big Living follows couples who are working with builders to create their very tiny living quarters, and even in some cases, the couple will opt to construct the house themselves! The construction process is filled with so many ups and downs, and this show captures the true essence of what it means to live minimally.

Tiny House Hunting

FYI's Tiny House Hunting shadows realtors as they locate the perfect small spaces for those wishing to commit to the tiny-home lifestyle. Each episode will feature a new set of buyers who are presented with three potential home options, leaving them to decide which special minispace will win their hearts in the end.