So We All Agree These Lucky Llama Jade Plants From Trader Joe's Are the Cutest? Great!

If it feels like we could use some good luck in our lives, Trader Joe's is here to bring all the positive energy. Fresh off the return of the beloved yoga skeleton air planters for Halloween, the grocery store has introduced another fabulous product to add to your plant collection: the Lucky Llama Jade Plant. The store's expanding collection of adorable planters is already making waves on Instagram after the adorable llamas have been spotted in locations across the country. As for us, well, we've dusted off our shelves and are so ready to pick up some llama planters.

The $5 succulents are fewer than three-inches tall and thrive in sunlight. Ahead, see photos of Trader Joe's shoppers loving the new Lucky Llama Jade Plants, and make sure to pick one (or three!) up on your next grocery run.