Embarrassed Residents Succeed in Getting the Trump Name Removed From New York Apartment Buildings

While half the country is struggling to accept Donald Trump as the next president, residents of the Trump Place New York City apartment complex are rejoicing at getting the Trump name off their buildings. In October, a petition was circulated throughout the buildings and on Change.org to rally support for the removal of the Trump name off the Upper West Side buildings.

The petition cited the "embarrassment" of living in a building with the Trump name emblazoned on the front as well as the president-elect's "appalling treatment of women, his history of racism, his attacks on immigrants, his mockery of the disabled, his tax avoidance . . . " In addition, the petition points out, Trump no longer owns the building, so there's no good reason for his name to still be on it.

Residents revealed to BuzzFeed News that in addition to the embarrassment, they were also being harassed for living in a Trump building. One even said that an Uber driver gave her a low rating when he saw where she lived while dropping her off!

A rep from Equity Residential, who owns the building, told BuzzFeed News that the name would be coming off and the building would be referred to by its address going forward to give residents a more neutral identity. The Trump Organization, however, commented that the decision to remove the name was mutual and part of a preexisting agreement. In any case, the residents are breathing a sigh of relief today.