Unicorn Roses Are a Real Thing, and They're Glorious

With the unicorn trend seeping into virtually everything right now, it seems only natural that roses be given the magical treatment. And Flower delivery service FTD has done just that, transforming their rose bouquets into vibrant rainbow creations. The store tells us these enchanted, multihued arrangements are consistent bestsellers. The witchcraft behind their stunning prismatic coloring? A rep for the company explains, "The roses are placed in a unique — secret — substance, which is a combination of water and various dyes. The roses slowly absorb the dyed water the same way as they would naturally absorb water. Our unique process allows the horticulturist to pinpoint which petals receive each color of dye." The result of this eight-hour process is, "various colors being diffused throughout upward of 60 rose petals." This latest embodiment of the unicorn trend might be our favorite yet.