Backyard Summer Dreams Are Made of This Hanging Lounger

Get ready to take your Summer relaxation to the next level of chill. We just stumbled upon the glory of Kodama Zomes, the company responsible for designing the coolest hanging loungers that'll make you want to spend all your time unwinding outdoors. The swinging geometric domes aren't like your average hammocks or swings — they're much bigger and can hold up to 600 pounds, so they're perfect for a wine night with friends or a bedtime reading session with the kids (or, you know, some solo time spent outstretched on the cushioned pads by yourself).

This genius creation is made out of steel and comes with weatherproof, foamy cushions. They can be purchased online for $5,400 — a worthy summertime investment, in our books — and are available in five different color options (with an additional 12 vibrant hue options for a $250 upcharge). With a splash of colorful pillows on top, this hanging lounge is sure to become your new zen spot.

Deciding where to install your Kodama Zome is by far the hardest decision. On a tree in the backyard? By the pool for summertime tanning? In the basement for nap time? Read on to see the creative ways a few Kodama Zome advocates have incorporated these swinging loungers into their lives.