10 Fascinating Facts About Drew Scott's Fiancée, Linda Phan

Since Drew Scott announced his over-the-top engagement to girlfriend Linda Phan, Property Brothers fans everywhere have been wondering about the woman who stole the HGTV star's heart. We did a little digging and discovered that Linda is smart, fun, and the perfect addition to the Scott family, although it seems she's unofficially been a part of the clan for years now. Get to know Linda better by reading about her ahead.


Linda Is 7 Years Younger Than Drew

When the couple got engaged after six years of dating, Linda was just 31 while Drew was 38 years old.


She Met Drew in Toronto

Linda and Drew met at a Toronto Fashion Week event in 2010 and have been dating ever since.


Linda's Already Part of the Family Business

Linda is the creative director of Scott Brothers Entertainment. According to the company's website, "She manages multiple projects, from digital content, product and merchandise lines, to marketing campaigns and philanthropic efforts."


She's Way Shorter Than Drew

The Property Brothers are tall fellas, towering at 6'4" so when Drew stands next to Linda's petite stature, which has been reported as just 5'2", she's more than a foot shorter than him!


Linda Is Not Afraid to Get Silly

Any Property Brothers fan knows that Drew and Jonathan aren't afraid to ham it up, and Linda has proven she can hold her own right alongside them.


She's a Workaholic

According to Drew, both he and Linda are more than a little committed to their jobs. He described them both as "workaholics" in a YourTango interview. He explained that they love their jobs and enjoy working side by side. Sounds like they're very compatible!


She Loves Late-Night Food

As if all the photographic evidence of Linda and Drew cooking and chowing down together late night wasn't enough, Drew post this sweet pic with the caption, "when your gf stays up until 2am, when your flight arrives, to make you dinner in bed...you know it's love😁❤️."


Linda and Drew Are Communicators

Drew told YourTango that communication is the "number one way to keep a relationship solid," so we can only assume that these two lovebirds talk often and openly.


She's a Foodie

Not only does Linda love to cook late-night feasts with Drew, but she loves to eat out and cook whenever she can, as evidenced by all the foodie pics on her Instagram account.


Linda Loves Romantic Getaways

Linda and Drew are always on the go for their jobs, but they also find time for themselves. Drew told YourTango that they once jetted off to Pairs for a last-minute romantic getaway, and they also love to get cozy on the beach.