8 Reasons You Should Put Your Bed on the Floor

When it comes to life's many little pleasures, a good night's sleep is by far at the top of our list. Almost nothing can beat that feeling of pure and complete relaxation in a cozy bed, especially after a long and trying day. But what if we told you that there is a stylish new design perspective that can actually increase your slumber? And not only that, but this method comes along with plenty of other positive benefits, like maximizing your space and cutting down on cleaning time? Would you be interested? We definitely were, and when we came across the suggestion to sleep with your bed on the floor (or on a low-rise platform base), we had to know more. Read on as we break down the top eight benefits of sleeping with your bed on the floor and why you should seriously consider making this switch yourself.

It Keeps You Grounded

It Keeps You Grounded

Sleeping closer to the ground is actually a more natural way to snooze compared to being suspended high above it. There is a more grounded and tranquil feeling that comes when you sleep in closer proximity to the floor, and in turn, the earth. Plus, for those who may experience anxiety, this sleeping method could bring great relief to your daily routine.

It Creates a Modern Look

Considering looks alone, the bed-on-the-ground technique creates a very chic and modern space. If you are attempting to achieve this popular aesthetic in your own bedroom, getting rid of your bed frame may do just the trick.

It Is Easier to Clean

It Is Easier to Clean

While traditional bed frames have a tendency to accumulate dirt and dust underneath, a low platform bed or a bed-on-the-ground option will eliminate any pesky negative space, making cleaning that much easier for you. That's right, no dust bunnies here!

It's Supercozy

Whereas a higher rise bed can sometimes feel cold or a little singled out, the lower rise bed does just the opposite! Placing your mattress close to or on the floor instantly promotes feelings of coziness, warmth, and tranquility. Don't forget the extra pillows and fluffy blankets!

It Makes Low Ceilings Feel Higher

There is nothing worse than sleeping what feels like inches from your ceiling! If your room happens to have lower ceilings, or even a lower hanging light or ceiling fan, placing your bed on the ground might be just the option for you. Not only will this open up your space, but you will finally feel like you have more room to breath.

It Doesn't Take Up A Lot of Room

Not only does the bed-on-the-floor option induce the feeling of higher ceilings but it also helps to maximize the actual square footage of your bedroom. Oftentimes, traditional bed frames can be clunky and take up more room than necessary. If you are at all concerned about space, this technique could be right up your alley.

It Inspires Minimalism

If you have found yourself becoming more interested in living as a minimalist, moving your bed to the ground is the perfect way to take the plunge. Eliminating extra and unnecessary elements like a large headboard or bed frame will support your attempt to live more simply, and it could even inspire you to downsize other areas of your life.

Kids Love It too!

Adults aren't the only ones that love sleeping closer to the ground. Kids can enjoy it too! Whether you are concerned about your little one falling out of bed, or if he/she is having worries about the "monster under the bed," this is one solution to ease anxiety all around. Also, think about all of the adorable design possibilities with this method!