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Annoying Comments You Hear When You Have One Latino Parent

My Mom Was Latina, My Dad Isn't — 10 Annoying Comments I'm Tired of Hearing

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As a multiracial woman with a Peruvian-born mom and a white American dad, I can say life can be a little bit complicated. Growing up, it definitely wasn't the "cool" thing to be multiracial, especially in small-town Oregon where I spent my high school years, so I didn't really start to embrace the Peruvian part of my identity until I got to college. And while I have always taken pride in being Latina — it certainly has come with some built-in perks, like being fluent in Spanish by preschool — the whole thing comes with its fair share of eye-roll-worthy moments. Cue that time customers at my high-school waitressing job assumed I didn't speak English because of the way I looked.

If this story sounds familiar, chances are this roundup of other annoying comments and struggles will be too. Keep scrolling for the most frustrating moments I've faced.

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