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Cristiano Ronaldo Plays Soccer Undercover Video

These People Had No Idea They Were Playing Soccer With Cristiano Ronaldo

How much do you want to bet that the people in this video are kicking themselves? Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo went undercover in a viral video created to promote his line of headphones, ROC Live Life Loud, back in late 2015.

The Real Madrid starter donned a heavy beard, long hair, a mustache, and sunglasses, plus a little extra padding over his impressive abs, and set up camp in a plaza with an adorable dog. He dribbled a soccer ball like a total pro and tried to engage people walking by to play a game with him with only minor success. He even asked a girl if he could have her phone number and she said no — bad call! Watch the full video above, then check out his amazing body in all its glory.

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