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Dulce Candy Hispanic Heritage Month Essay

I Shared My Story to Let People Know They Are Not Alone

Dulce Candy is a YouTube beauty star and US Army veteran.

My goal when setting out to write my book, The Sweet Life: Find Passion, Embrace Fear, and Create Success on Your Own Terms, was to share my personal story, from the time I came into this country as an immigrant at the tender age of 6 to joining the US Army at 18 and all the way to finding my passion for connecting with people through YouTube and other platforms.

I wanted to share these enormous moments in my life because I realized the value of being vulnerable and sharing my personal life journey. I understood that all of the struggles and life triumphs were placed in my life exactly how they were supposed to happen, so that I can continually learn and evolve as a human being. I felt passionate about sharing these life lessons with the world.

My hope was that someone out there who thought they were going through a situation alone, who felt lost, would know that I was feeling what they were feeling, too. Sometimes all that people need are hope and a reminder of the infinite power they possess within themselves.

Having my book published was an immense accomplishment because it inspires other young women who look up to me to dream beyond their current circumstances. My loyal friends online see themselves in me, and I feel a responsibility to them to show them that anything is possible.

Every life pinnacle I've experienced I proudly credit to my Mexican-American heritage. We always persevere! We know the value of hard work because we know the struggles that we have faced in order to give our families a better life. I am so proud to be a Latina and to represent my community in a positive light. I wouldn't change it for the world.

I want people to know that anything in this life is possible. I want people to stop putting limits on how far they can go in life. I want people to believe in themselves! I want people to know that anything they can dream of is attainable, regardless of what society says about us, regardless of where we come from or what we look like.

Never give up on yourself.

Image Source: Dulce Candy
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