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Joanna Hausmann Impersonates Spanish Accents on The Flama

This Hilarious Video Perfectly Sums Up the Differences Among All Latin American Accents

Latinos, we're all so close and similar, but also so different. Case in point: our accents. We can barely understand each other sometimes even if we're all speaking the same language — throw Brazilian Portuguese in the mix, and we really have a miscommunication problem. From the superquick Dominican accent to the winded Mexican one, every country has its own regional quirks. And though we all think we have the best way of speaking Spanish, maybe none of us does. This hilarious video from The Flama might have proven that. Watch the brilliant clip above to hear funny girl Joanna Hausmann imitate Latin American accents, and get ready to laugh out loud. When you're done, check out the surprising real meaning behind "La Macarena."

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