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John Oliver's Puerto Rico Economic Crisis Video

John Oliver's Explanation of Puerto Rico's Crisis Is the Most Informative We've Seen Yet

You probably already know Puerto Rico has been going through a devastating and difficult financial crisis, dealing with $70 billion of debt, closing schools, increasing sale taxes, and facing layoffs left and right. But if you have been looking to get a deeper understanding of what caused the crisis and why we should all care, John Oliver is here to help.

With the humor and honesty that characterizes the late-night host of Last Week Tonight, he jokes about what Puerto Rico has given the world — Jennifer Lopez, Sonia Sotomayor, Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda — as he explains in detail the government's responsibility in causing the economic problems plaguing the island and the loopholes in laws that prevent the island from getting help. Press play above for the most thorough (and entertaining) explanation of the crisis you'll get — featuring a cameo from Lin-Manuel at the end — and find out why Puerto Rico needs our help.

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