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Latin Songs From the 2000s

20 Songs From the 2000s That You'll Never Get Over

Latin Songs From the 2000s
Image Source: Getty / Lalo Yasky

Music and food are two things that don't fail at bringing together all Latinos. If there's a plate of ceviche or tostones around, we all gather around the table. If there's music pumping through speakers, we all flock to dance, bop our heads, or even fist pump. There's no way a song like Enrique Iglesias's "Heroe" or any Aventura tune will come on the radio without everyone loudly singing every lyric. And though plenty of current songs have this effect on us all, there's no time like the 2000s. See our list of songs from that decade that you can't help but sing along to, then check out these TV shows that bring on all the nostalgia.

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