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Millennial Loteria Cards

Lotería Cards For Millennials Exist and They Are Too Perfect

Millennial Loteria Cards
Image Source: Mike Alfaro

La Lotería has been a part of Latinx culture for years, but the cards just got a modern makeover thanks to Mike Alfaro.

The Guatemalan artist's work was first featured on Vivala, where he touched on his inspiration. "I think Latino women don't just wanna be La Dama, they would identify more with La Feminist. If you've ever been to Coachella or gone on Snapchat, you probably relate more to La Flower Crown than La Corona," he told Vivala.

When we talked to Alfaro via email, he gave us more background on the statement he's hoping his remake of the beloved game creates. "I was back home in Guatemala with my family when I saw my old Lotería cards. It dawned on me how the original images don't really depict modern Hispanic life, and I thought it would be fun to make them more relatable to people like me and my friends," he wrote. "I think it's my way of expressing myself against stereotypes people have about Hispanic immigrants while also being a little self-deprecating about my own millennial stereotypes."

Although Alfaro is selling his version of the Lotería cards, you can purchase notebooks, canvas prints, and so much more featuring his designs.

"I hope people relate to them and find them funny. If they follow the Millennial Lotería Instagram, they'll be able to see more of the cards I'll be releasing soon, and who knows, maybe the actual Lotería wants to collaborate with me one day. It would be fun to release a special set with them in the future," Alfaro said. While we (and you) patiently wait for that day, take a look at just how accurate his millennial version is ahead.

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