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Salma Hayek Slapping Eugenio Derbez With a Tortilla | Video

Hmm, Watch Salma Hayek Repeatedly Slap Eugenio Derbez With a Tortilla

Salma Hayek wasn't playing any games with Eugenio Derbez — well, actually she was. The Mexican movie star posted a video on her Instagram where she laid the smack down with, wait for it, a tortilla.

"A well deserved tortilla slap, @ederbez, and I have taken my phone back!!," she captioned the revenge video on April Fools' Day. In the clip, Salma bursts into an interview Eugenio is giving and slaps him multiple times in the head and face with the tortilla. "But that phone isn't yours. I found it in the other room. It wasn't me, it was Tete," Eugenio says, in Spanish, while eating the tortilla Salma had just slapped him with.

The two are currently doing press for their movie How to Be a Latin Lover, and we love that Salma took a minute to make it a fun press day by #tortillaslapping her costar. Watch it all go down in the video above.

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