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Selena Gomez's Most Watched Instagram Video 2016

Instagram's Most Liked Video of 2016 Is Selena Gomez's Sweetest Post to Date

Selena Gomez continues to be the queen of Instagram with more than 103 million followers (50 million new this year alone), and though in 2016 she posted more than a few behind-the-scenes photos of the Revival tour and intimate moments with friends and family, your heart will explode when you find out that Instagram's number one most-liked video of the year is the one above. Yes, the internet can't get enough of Selena's adorable meet up with viral sensation and Zumba instructor Audrey Nethery. Aww!

The short clip of 7-year-old Audrey, who has a rare disease called Diamond Blackfan Anemia, dancing and singing to Selena's "Love You Like a Love Song" has more than 4.5 million likes and has been watched over 20 million times. We get it, we've had it on repeat for months, too.

Selena's other most liked videos? One featuring her snacking on a doughnut and another one where we see her eat a McDonald's Happy Meal. Our favorite though is this one of the singer salsa dancing with her tourmate.

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