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Sexiest Latinx Celebrities

20 Latinx Celebs Who Are Redefining Sexy on Their Terms

Sexiest Latinx Celebrities
Image Source: Getty / Emma McIntyre

Jennifer Lopez, Mj Rodriguez, Jillian Mercado, Amara La Negra, and Denise Bidot — those are just a few names that come to mind as some of the most unapologetically sexy and badass celebrities in entertainment right now, and yes, they also happen to be Latinx. But let's be clear: these celebrities are by no means only about sex appeal. These are smart, talented, and career-oriented bosses who have been paving the way through major achievements in film, music, fashion, and beauty and even behind the scenes as producers and directors. These celebs are also redefining what it means to be sexy on their own terms, whether it's proving that beauty is not limited to a certain age — hello, J Lo — size, body ability, and more. Because the truth is, sexy doesn't have one look, and we're done with giving into the patriarchal and oppressive beauty standards that have been pushed on us for centuries. Sexy is a person who is confident and comfortable in their own skin — point blank!

— Additional reporting by Johanna Ferreira

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