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Unexpected Places That Need Childproofing

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Keeping tus hijos safe is the most important task as a parent. We've partnered with Tide to help you provide them with the safest home environment.

If you ask any mamá what she's trying to accomplish throughout the day, she'll probably say she's making sure her kids eat, are dressed, feel loved, stay healthy, and are safe. Safety is often a major concern, because a lot of times parents can't control it. "People often underestimate their children," Dr. Sadiqa Kendi, medical director of Safe Kids Worldwide, told POPSUGAR. "They think they know what their child might or might not get into, but they underestimate what they can and cannot reach, what they might want to get, how they may do that, and I think it's important to understand that your child is probably a lot smarter and a lot more adventurous than you think."

As children grow, the dangers in the house change, and parents have to quickly adapt to them in order to provide a safer environment. While some parents might limit their children's range around the house, Dr. Kendi thinks it's important to have a balance between protecting children from injury while allowing them to explore so they learn their limits. "Unless someone has a room with obviously dangerous items that can't be childproofed, I'd say every space should be available for a child to play in and explore, as long as that area has been childproofed appropriately."

The first thing to do when getting ready to childproof your home is to tidy up. A tidy home is a safe home, and when spaces are free of clutter, it's easier to see where the dangers might be. Once you're done recogiendo and botando las cosas that you don't use anymore, it's time to childproof; make sure you don't forget these unexpected areas that pose real dangers.