A Badass Latina Created the Skin Care Brand Your Beauty Cabinet Needs

When it come to being a mom, feminist, and running your very own business, Angelica Fuentes knows how to juggle it all. The entrepreneur, mother of two, and activist has invested over 30 years of philanthropical work primarily in Latin America in efforts to empower women. Her foundation (the Angelica Fuentes Foundation) was also founded in 2014 and promotes gender equality and women empowerment, a cause near to Angelica's heart and heritage.

Now, in addition to being one of Latin America's most recognized entrepreneurs and philanthropists, Angelica has successfully launched her very own skincare line, A Complete, and you absolutely need it in your collection. We got to speak with Angelica who explained that her line stemmed from her passion for finding new ways to uplift women. "I asked myself, how could I reach more women? I really wanted to create something that helped them further believe in themselves, and I thought skincare was perfect," she told us.

Her goal with A Complete is to give women the tools they need to feel confident without complication. "I am a working mom, I travel a lot, I go nonstop, and do things as fast as I can. I was also that person who used a ton of creams before bed." So to streamline her routine, Angelica came up with a simpler solution: a five-step skincare kit — so even a busy mom can stay dedicated to an effective regimen.

The collection includes a cleanser, serum, eye cream, moisturizer, and a supplement, which Angelica calls her "beauty pill." Each product includes marine and botanical ingredients to target wrinkles and dark spots, and to improve elasticity. More specifically, the supplement contains essential vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids to promote collagen and to reduce stress in the skin.

Angelica also shared that while finding the right ingredients for her products were important, she also kept affordability in mind. "I'm the sole supporter of my two daughters, and I know what it takes to work hard and want to look good at the same time, so I really wanted to make this line affordable and effective for all women." Each product in the line ranges from $28 to $54. You can also purchase the entire kit for $190, which may seem steep at first but, hey, youthful skin is a lifetime investment. To bring her mission full circle, a portion of all A Complete revenue will also be donated to initiatives and organizations that support women.

The entire collection is available for purchase now, so if you're in the market for new Summer skincare, or want to support a badass Latina entrepreneur, make room in your beauty cabinet.