Camila Alves Just Showed You How to Wear Your Favorite Summer Trend in Winter

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Camila Alves just wore everyone's favorite Summer trend in the midst of Winter — she just did it so expertly, you can't easily spot it! The Brazilian lifestyle guru and business owner wore an airy boho maxi dress to Rebecca Minkoff's Spring 2017 runway show in Los Angeles, but it's the one detail that's hidden under her black studded jacket that makes this piece one you have in the back of your closet and wore all through the hot months of 2016: its cold-shoulder cutouts. Yes, Camila used the most simple trick you hadn't thought about yet to make her Summer look Winter-ready. So dig up that dress, pair it with some black tights if you live in a chillier area, and drape a cool jacket over it to get year-round use of your favorite hot-weather dress. Scroll ahead for more photos of Camila's style and to find a few links that'll get you her look, including her exact Rebecca Minkoff jacket.