Christina Milian Says She Wants Her Daughter to Be Proud of Her Mixed Background

After taking a few years off to stay home with her daughter, Violet, Christina Milian is back and busier than ever. In an interview in the Fall 2015 issue of Parents Latina magazine, the singer and actress — who has two TV shows (Christina Milian Turned Up, her E! reality series, and Grandfathered, a new sitcom with John Stamos), a clothing line called We Are Pop Culture, and new music in the works — opens up about finding time for it all, while always putting being a mommy first. Keep reading for Christina's quotes on how she's keeping her Cuban roots close while raising Violet, then check out her unbelievable bikini body.

  • On being a single mom while juggling a music and TV career: "It's about making the time I spend with Violet count. I'll take her to business meetings and interviews. Most people don't bring their kids to work with them, but I'm, like, I make my own rules!"
  • On the role of family and her parenting style: "I try to give Violet as much family time as possible, because it's her blood, and that's where we come from. That closeness has helped develop her amazing confidence. She's Cuban and African American, and I want her to understand her mixed race and be proud of it."
  • On how she encourages her daughter to appreciate her cultural background: "I've taught her to proud of her curls. I compliment her natural hair and show her the beauty in it. So when she sees the process with the big blond braid in Frozen, I make sure she also sees [Quvenzhané Wallis's] fro in Annie. I've also gotten her cornrows, which is part of her culture."
  • On which Cuban customs she's passing down to her daughter: "She loves Cuban music and salsa dancing. She can wiggle those little hips! But food is probably the biggest thing that brings out our Cuban heritage. We sit down and have dinners together as a family. No TV! Cubans love to talk, and we're great storytellers."
  • On her cooking style at home: "My mom kills it in the kitchen, but my sisters and I all cook Cuban food, too. My mom raised us knowing that someday, when you're with your man and you're able to make some bomb Cuban dishes, that would be our show-off piece. I make good picadillo with rice, black beans, and tostones."
  • On a major life lesson she's teaching her daughter: "To not be fearful. Guilt comes into play when you're Latino. I grew up with a lot of that. At some point, you have to break the chains and not spend your life making decisions based on not wanting to disappoint your family."
  • On how she balances her own dating life as a mom: "Violet has a very involved dad [The-Dream], so she doesn't need anyone to replace him."