There's Nothing Wrong With Being Confident, and These Demi Lovato Songs Say Just That

Since opening up about her battle with eating disorders, Demi Lovato has built a platform on body positivity, accepting her curves, and inspiring her fans to do the same.

Whether it's a peek at her gym pictures on Instagram or a listen to her self-esteem anthem, "Confident," Demi's message is one we could all use a little more of. With that said, we've rounded up her most body-positive songs — and called out the most empowering lyrics! — all in one place. If you're in need of a pick-me-up, keep reading to let Demi serenade you. Then, read her equally inspirational quotes.

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The empowering lyrics: "What's wrong with being confident?"

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"La La Land"

The empowering lyrics: "Who said I can't wear my Converse with my dress? / Well, baby, that's just me!"

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"This Is Me"

The empowering lyrics: "This is the real, this is me / I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now / Gonna let the light / Shine on me."

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The empowering lyrics: "Now I'm a warrior / Now I've got thicker skin / I'm a warrior / I'm stronger than I've ever been."

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"Belive in Me"

The empowering lyrics: "I don't want to be afraid, I want to wake up feeling beautiful today / And know that I'm OK 'cause everyone's perfect in a usual way / So see I just want to believe in me."

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The empowering lyrics: "Go on and try to tear me down / I will be rising from the ground / Like a skyscraper."

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"Really Don't Care" Feat. Cher Lloyd

The empowering lyrics: "You can take your words and all your lies / Oh, oh, oh I really don't care."