11 Reasons to Follow Elsa Pataky on Instagram — Chris Hemsworth Is 1 of Them

Madrid-born Elsa Pataky is one of those fun-loving celebrities who comes off as so down-to-earth you just want to be her BFF. At the very least, you can settle for following her and living vicariously through her on Instagram, where she posts relatable moments of her life as a mom, as well as snaps of her awesome travels, work projects, and sweet husband Chris Hemsworth. If you aren't already proclaiming your girl-crush on her, what are you waiting for?

She Shares Photos of Her Hunky Husband

She took us along for the ride on Golden Globes night this year, before the internet exploded about her fabulous dress.

She Shows Off Her Fitness Routine

She eagerly and openly supports her friends' endeavors while at it, too. Here she is with her friend's book on yoga.

She's Not Afraid to Get Silly

Onesies are a must during the holidays.

Her Family Photos Are Too Cute

We hope she's framing these!

Her Friends Are Fabulous, Just Like Her

As much as she loves her kids, she, too, knows the importance of having a girls' day.

Her Pets Are as Beautiful as Her Husband

OK, fine, not quite.

She Loves Brunch as Much as You Do

And brings the kids along.

She Happily Takes Us Along For the Ride When She's Working in a Cool Location

We get wanderlust every time she does.

She Shares Her Everyday Mom Moments

Look at how she packs her kids' lunches and pours her heart into it.

Her Yoga Practice Includes Special Guests

She's a fun mom!