Watch Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham Adorably Fail at Snapchat's Puppy Filter

"Stick your tongue out!" Eva Longoria tells her BFF Victoria Beckham, whose new makeup collection with Esteé Lauder was just announced, as they try to operate Snapchat's puppy filter. But even though the tool is supposed to add a cute nose, ears, and crazy tongue to one's face, it just wouldn't work on Victoria — she even put up her hand up like a paw for extra puppy measure with no luck!

Eva lovingly captioned the funny video: "There probably isn't anyone in the world who makes me laugh more than this woman! @victoriabeckham #WhyDoesntHerTongueWork?"

Alas, we'll never know why Victoria's puppy tongue didn't want to cooperate, but at least we know that Victoria's son Brooklyn is cooler than us all. Watch him hilariously reveal how many more Instagram followers he has than Eva below.