8 Haunted Houses and Hotels in Latin America

Depending on who you ask, exploring a haunted house is either the best or worst way to spend Halloween. The elements of reality that are intertwined with the myth and folklore around these homes and hotels make for an eerie experience. This list includes everything from hauntings that were incited by actual, real-life events to some pegged solely on myths that have continued over time. Either way, the spots are totally spooky.


Casa Matusita, Peru

The old adage of not judging a book by its cover definitely applies to this house. While on the outside the yellow house may seem harmless, time has perpetuated the idea that the building is haunted. One tale explains that a man found his wife cheating on him with another man and then proceeded to kill them, his children, and himself.

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La Casa del Mustang, Puerto Rico

PR's La Casa del Mustang has a pretty cool backstory. It involves a pact made with the dark side and a classic Mustang that no one has been able to physically remove from the property.


La Posada del Sol, Mexico City

The legend behind this abandoned hotel goes back to its creator. The story says that after construction was halted in the property owned by Fernando Saldaña Galván, he hung himself. It's said that his ghost now haunts the premises.


The Gran Hotel Bolivar, Peru

The scariest detail about this hotel is that you can actually book a room here. The Gran Hotel Bolivar is apparently a hotbed for paranormal activity courtesy of those who have died within the walls of the hotel.


Castillo de San Cristóbal, Puerto Rico

This old castle is a common tourist destination in Puerto Rico and is rumored to have the ghosts of soldiers wandering its grounds.


Casa Betania, Puerto Rico

Also known as the Casa del Aleman (or German's house), the building dates back to World War II. The old, dismantled house is said to scare its visitors with sounds of chains and footsteps.


Hotel del Salto, Colombia

This may be one of the most Instagrammable haunted houses we came across. This hotel was abandoned in the '90s after the river was contaminated and tourists stopped frequenting the location. While rumors say that the place is haunted by the spirits of all those who have gone to die in the hotel, a university in Colombia is said to be revitalizing the space to turn it into a museum.

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Casa Santa Rosa de Copán, Honduras

This haunted house in Honduras has such a strong otherworldly presence that it made one of Univision's reporters run from fear.