Name a Better Duo Than Pan Dulce and Horchata Ice Cream — We'll Wait

After seeing Horchateria Rio Luna's Concha Ice Cream Sandwich, we can now confirm that love at first sight is scientifically proven to be true. In addition to its decadent churro sundae, the Los Angeles-based coffee shop is also known for its epic ice cream sandwich that involves two slices of pan dulce.

The Concha Ice Cream Sandwich involves horchata ice cream, a concha that's been cut in half, walnuts, and the so-called drizzle of your choice out of the following options: strawberry, guava, condensed milk, cajeta, or Nutella. As an alternative to the horchata ice cream, the shop can also replicate the sandwich using a scoop of vibrant pitaya sorbet.

A regular-size sandwich is priced at $4, but Horchateria also offers an ambitious extra-large version for $6. Ahead, drool over some pictures of our new favorite hybrid dessert.