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How to Bring Back Sobremesa

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Dating people from other cultures, making and keeping friends when you're busy adulting, awkward family moments . . . no matter what the topic is, there is nothing as cathartic (and fun!) as a good girl-talk session. Click on the video above and be inspired by Yanina and Daniella, two friends who were able to finally catch up in person after a year of video chats. From going on a blind date for the first time to keeping a marriage hot during a global pandemic, they had so much to unpack!

Follow these two amigas as they dish on all things family, friendships, and love around good drinks and better snacks — Daniella's go-to is Ritz crackers with guava and queso — because there can't be girl talk without the snacks!

We've partnered with Ritz to follow real Latinas as they get together again for sobremesa and pair the chat with the best snacks.