This "Latina Power" T-Shirt Is Taking Over Instagram — and We Couldn't Be Happier

We've found the tee you'll be wearing everywhere you go from now until eternity. Jen Zeano Designs, a lifestyle brand based in Texas and founded by Jen and Veronica Zeano, created this "Latina Power" print in direct response to the presidential election in 2016. "This past week was tough, the election affected me more than I had imagined," Jen said on Instagram back in November. "I cried of fear and anger, but after a few days I realized: I am a woman, a strong ass-kicking Latina and will fight for what's right. Let's put our voices and hearts together and be the best generation of women this country has ever seen."

For $28, you can have your very own t-shirt, with $1 of every purchase going to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to support the fight for equality. Celebrities like Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez and Elena of Avalor's Aimee Carrero are already spreading the love for the design on social media. Scroll ahead to check out the buzz.