Lovescope: How Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's Zodiac Compatibility Brought Them Back Together

Let's admit it: we were all pretty shocked when we heard the chisme surrounding the "Bennifer" reunion. While Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reigniting their romance had us all wondering if Mercury was in retrograde at the time, it turns out we can't attribute this nostalgic love story to Mercury retrograde. So, what's responsible for these two getting back together? Astrological natal charts can give us some insight into just about every aspect of life, including what prompted J Lo and Affleck to give their romance another go after so many years — and get engaged for the second time.

It's been 18 years since these two ended their engagement back in 2004. According to their charts, they had to fulfill karma with other lovers before they could reunite to fulfill their soulmate contract. Knowing Lopez's dating history is helpful for understanding why she got back with Affleck. Coincidentally, Affleck and Lopez's ex-husband Cris Judd share the same birthday. OK, pues, let's just call it what it is: J Lo clearly has a type. Both Affleck and Judd (with whom she had a two-year marriage) are Leos, just like Jenny from the block. However, Judd has a Virgo moon sign, while Ben has a Scorpio moon sign. That's the game-changer. We know she was married to Judd and engaged to Affleck — and that the two share the same Leo tendencies. So what makes Affleck so appealing to her? His moon sign.

They Share the Same Moon Sign

The Puerto Rican diosa shares a Scorpio moon with Affleck. Having moon-sign compatibility with your love interest is a huge sign that the relationship can be long-lasting and possibly result in marriage, which explains the recent engagement. The moon in our charts represents what makes us feel safe and secure. When both partners share a moon sign, they often feel a mutual sense of stability and vulnerability.

Lopez's ex-boyfriend Casper Smart has a Leo moon that positively works with her Leo sun. The moon in our charts also represents the mother archetype. This tells us that J Lo would have likely played more of a motherly role in their relationship, which would have fizzled out easily and bored her. That's the thing with Leos — they need attention and a lot of it. Her love connection with Smart went from fast fuego to nada in an instant. I can't help but assume her canción "Ain't Your Mama" was inspired by Smart.

Why Didn't It Work Out With Marc Anthony, Diddy, and Cris Judd?

They all have Virgo connections in their chart. Anthony, Diddy, and Judd all share Pluto in Virgo. More importantly, Diddy and Judd both have a Virgo moon and Pluto, while Anthony has a Virgo Pluto and sun. J Lo has her Pluto in Virgo as well; however, it is square her Venus in her chart — meaning it's not positive energy. When a planet is square, it creates tension. Venus is a sign of love and romance. If someone has Venus square Pluto in their chart, that tells us they don't like feeling "owned" by someone else or restricted in love — they have a "you don't own me, baby" attitude about the connection. All her ex-counterparts, besides Affleck, have Pluto in Virgo. This means they engaged in power struggles during their relationship dynamic, since Pluto is the planet of domination.

What Makes Affleck and Lopez Compatible?

The key to a successful relationship with Lopez is making her feel confident, safe, and in control of the relationship, since she's a natural leader. Affleck gives her that support. He doesn't feel the need to play power games and prefers that she's in the driver's seat. That's what turns him on: seeing her in the limelight and owning it like the lioness she is. As a fellow Leo, Affleck understands the need for the spotlight. His Pluto is in Sagittarius, and it is sparking her Mars in Sagittarius in her chart. Mars's connections in astrology are another positive indication that their romance is filled with heat and seduction. Affleck's Mars in Virgo aspects Lopez's Pluto in Virgo quite nicely — they have fun taking turns being submissive to one another, since Mars and Pluto enjoy teasing and pleasing. Mars is the planet of seduction, and Pluto rules erotic desires. They both share a Mars-Pluto connection in their charts. The two have a steamy mutual attraction that will last until the end of time. If they'd stayed together previously, they could have had twins together, since Mars and Pluto connections can indicate the energy of twins, similar to Venus in Gemini in her chart. Either way, J Lo is destined to have twins with whomever she feels special enough to share that rite of passage with, thanks to her Venus in Gemini. Gemini is known as the zodiac sign of the twins in astrology, and Venus represents children.

They Could Be Soulmates

Their astrology supports the idea that Affleck and Lopez could be soulmates. They're likely truly in love; it doesn't seem like a publicity stunt. Their double Leo sun signs ensure that the two will be attracted to one another as long as they're together. Leo is ruled by the sun, and the sun always brings the spotlight and success. That's why the general public is once again mesmerized by their love. A romantic resurrection leaves us starstruck. We all reacted the same way when Lopez and Alex Rodriguez started dating publicly. He, too, is a Leo. However, Rodriguez's Pisces moon was a sure way to bore her. His Pisces moon wasn't compelling enough to keep her interested, and he likely ended up feeling like a "stage dad" to her. You would think that two Leos would clash in their demand for attention, and that's sometimes the case when two fire signs like Leos come together. However, Leos are extravagant in their love gestures and appreciate receiving the same love language, which is something Lopez and Affleck have in common, unlike with her past lovers. Their strong mutual moon sign connection in Scorpio is the biggest astrological placement making them compatible. Scorpio moon people quickly develop intense feelings. That's something Lopez has received a lot of criticism over: falling quickly in love. However, Affleck reciprocates that energy. They enjoy an intense mutual connection that leaves them craving more. They both have powerful feelings for one other, thanks to Scorpio's sexual energy. Leos are a very loyal sign, and these two, with their mutual Leo sign, bring loyalty to their connection. Scorpio moon people can sometimes lack maturity, but that develops with experience and wisdom. After all these years, one can assume they have each learned to master the energy of the impulsive Scorpio moon that drives them to dominate situations. Now that they've both been in serious marriages, they can bring both friendship — something they've maintained for years — and maturity to make their romance prosper.

After All These Years, Will They Make It?

Yes, they absolutely can — as long as they don't allow public pressure to get to them again. (Leos feel the need to perform and please others.) Now that they're older and know how to respect each other as the superstars they are, they can definitely make it. Second chances are sometimes better — in their case, they have more things in common now, since they're both parents. Dos veces pa' buena suerte!

Here's What They Need to Watch Out For

One might think that J Lo wouldn't be a fan of Affleck's private and reclusive lifestyle. In fact, the opposite is true: she prefers it that way. He's private and mysterious, which keeps her intrigued. His public persona is open to interpretation, and that brings tons of attention from the general public. They both enjoy being wanted by all and pinned down by none, thanks to their Leo sign. That brings them more attention, which they both thrive in as Leos. However, that can be a double-edged sword and cause them to fail again. They have to tap into their wise Scorpio moon placement to make sure they're both on the same page by not being so public about all the details of their romance. The first time around, they were very open about their relationship in interviews. This time, they will find success if they reveal less and keep the sacred aspects of their romance secret. Currently, her Saturn in her chart is being activated until 2026. Saturn is the planet of karma. She is getting a second chance to karmically balance what she feels she needs to revisit. As long as Affleck continues working on his mental health and sobriety, this new relationship will bring about a different experience. J Lo's Saturn position won't let her settle for anything less — she's not in a place anymore where she wants to save the men in her life.

Good luck to J Lo and Affleck! Soulmates will always come back together to fulfill their romantic destiny. Love always wins.

— Originally Published 09/02/2021