11 Latino Life Hacks You (and Your Grandma) Swear By

Resourceful is probably one of the best words to describe Latinx. From very early on, you learn how to use all the tools at your disposal to make life easier for you and your family. I'll admit that at times it was pretty funny that every single butter container in my fridge had anything but butter in it, but now it's one of the most cost-effective life hacks I know. These are the things that your abuela and mama always knew you would thank them for one day . . .


Cookie Tins Turned Into Sewing Kits

Your family uses tin cans for sewing supplies so often that you're always surprised when they are actual cookies in there.


Vicks VapoRub Cures It All

Use your VapoRub on that sprained ankle, a congested chest, and your temple for a headache. All uses lead to the same result: feeling like a way better human.


Goya Holds the Secret to Your Cooking Abilities

Sazón Goya is your secret ingredient in the kitchen, every. single. time.


The Oven Holds More Than Tres Leches

Before there were HGTV shows telling you how to maximize space in your kitchen, your grandma was using her oven to store pots and pans. She was so ahead of the trend.


Butter Containers Never Contain Butter

They are the most cost-effective Tupperware alternative.


Saving Money on Beauty Supplies Required Just Adding Water

Recycling took on a new definition when you learned to add water to liquid soap when it's running low.


Plastic Protects Furniture So Well

While this may not be your style, you know at least one person that uses plastic to protect their furniture.


The Best Food Combination Is Simple

A fried egg and white rice will get you far and fill your stomach well.


Shopping Bags Are Never to Be Thrown Out

Plastic bags, derpatment store bags — you can find them all inside of other bags inside the cabinet under the sink in your kitchen.


There's Only 1 Kind of Bread

So you're out of hot dog bread? Are you really out of hot dog bread?


When Everything Fails, There's Candles

You'll always have this OG backup hack: pray to the saints.