Latinx Artists Who Have Shown Support For and Solidarity to Black Lives Matter

The US is going through a historical moment right now, where we're fighting to change a system that hasn't been equal for everyone. The recent murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd have led to protests demanding equality and justice for the Black community.

We all need to come together as one, and Latinx shouldn't be the exception. While I've personally seen acquaintances still confused as to why this movement is called Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter, I'm also proud to see a lot of our artists and public personalities using their platform to educate as well as joining the cause.

The fact is, the biggest problem right now is this one. And by joining the cause, becoming an ally, joining the protests, donating if you're able, and calling out problematic language a lot of us grew up listening to — "pelo malo," "mejorar la raza," encouraging you to straighten your hair, telling you not to tan because you'll turn "negra" like it's a bad thing — we can begin to create tangible change that can later positively affect our community as well.

Like journalist Paola Ramos wrote, "change start with acknowledgement," and we need to start having these conversations with our parents, tías y tíos, abuelos, and even coworkers.

Ahead are some of the Latinx and Spanish artists and personalities who have shown support for Black Lives Matter. Y tú, qué esperas?


Residente posted a message on his Instagram account urging all Latinx to join the protests. He said we have to join in solidarity because this is just the beginning of a bigger cause. He captioned his message with "This is everyone's fight."


In a message to his followers, Maluma vowed to listen, learn, and meditate about everything that's happening in the US affecting the Black community. "Our countries and our people also have our struggles, but that shouldn't make us indifferent with this community," he added. "We're all brothers. Let's be part of the change regardless of the country we live in. No to racism. Yes to respect and justice. Black lives matter."

Daddy Yankee

The Big Boss posted a photo of him and his dad, captioning it with the lyrics to one of his songs: "Padre negro madre blanca, los colores más bacanos por eso que veo a todo el mundo como un hermano," which translates to "Black father, white mother, the best colors, that's why I see everyone like a brother." He added that he's proud of his heritage and he has so much respect for his fellow Black artists with whom he's had the blessing to work.

J Balvin

J Balvin, who rarely gets political on his social media, made a rare statement saying he's taking this time to educate himself on the "deep significance and horrifying history that is the root of the #BlackLivesMatter movement." He pledged to do better and learn how to be a better ally to help change the system through his voice and actions.

Amara La Negra

Amara La Negra took to the streets of Miami to protest. As a proud Afro-Latina, she's been very vocal and hands on, calling for everyone to unite in order to make a difference. "Don't just talk about it! Be about it!" she captioned this post. "We have the power to stand strong for equality! For freedom! We Deserve it! #georgefloyd Was our Brother! He was you and Me! He was all [of] us!"


"My heart hurts when I think that people are still losing their lives and being treated unfairly because of their skin color," Rosalía said on her Instagram next to a graphic by Quentin Swenke from @futurafreedesign. She added that she wanted to use her platform to say that and called for her followers to love each other, get informed, ask, and speak up when we see injustice.

Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin is another Latinx who has been very active in supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. In one of his messages, he acknowledged the pain of the Black community and reiterated that he needs to learn more about their struggles in order to be a better ally.

Luis Fonsi

As a dad, Luis Fonsi knows he needs to start setting the example at home. He shared a photo with his son, where he wrote that in these times of so much divide and inequality, our kids need to know we're all human and we all deserve to be treated with the same respect.

Leslie Grace

Bachata princess Leslie Grace has been proactive in sharing resources for everyone to join her on this fight. She's highlighted organizations to follow, phone numbers to have at hand, petitions to sign, actions we can all take to be a better ally, and questions to ask ourselves to make sure we really understand what's going on.

Alejandro Sanz

Alejandro Sanz, in solidarity, joined #BlackoutTuesday and paused promotion of his music to give space for the #BlackLivesMatter message to get across social media.

Natti Natasha

La Dura de las Duras put a halt to the promotion of her new single "Que Mal te Fue" to join our Black brothers and sisters in raising their voices to fight for racial injustice and inequality.

Zion y Lennox

In a message on Instagram, Zion y Lennox reiterated their support to Black Lives Matter. "As gatekeepers of the culture, it's our responsibility to not only come together to celebrate the wins, but also hold each other up during a loss," they wrote in a statement. They urged people to join them in disconnecting from work and reconnecting with the community.


Mr. Worldwide made sure his fans knew he's in this with them. "Your struggle is my struggle. Tu lucha es mi lucha," he captioned this repost from @grlcollective, who commissioned this piece from artist Michelle Muñoz.

Sofía Reyes

Sofía Reyes showed her support for Black Lives Matter with her past couple posts. She also joined #BlackoutTuesday and accompanied her black tile with Martin Luther King Jr.'s quote "No one is free until we all are free."

Jhay Cortez

Jhay Cortez has been urging his followers to not use the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter in the #BlackoutTuesday posts so as not to drown important information and resources to keep people informed with the current state of affairs.

Anuel AA

Anuel AA poured his heart out on an Instagram message calling all Latinx to support Black Lives Matter. "There's been too many deaths and abuse targeting innocent people due to racism," he wrote. He shared his personal experience with police brutality, saying a police officer killed his friend, who was unarmed and not doing anything that would put the officer's life at risk. He also revealed how his time in prison opened his eyes to how real racism is because he not only saw it, but he also experienced it. Anuel finished his message calling for justice. "We can't allow them to keep doing whatever they want with us."


Brytiago expressed solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement by pausing his regular posts on #BlackoutTuesday.


Puerto Rican reggaetonero Guaynaa put a halt to the promotion of his new single and EP to send a message to all his followers: "If you take a neutral stance before a racist act, you are part of the problem."


Jencarlos posted a video with a message to the Latinx community. "We need to be allies right now and come together. Racism doesn't differentiate black from brown. It's our responsibility to hold our system and leaders accountable and demand equal rights for all as well as zero tolerance in this country for any racial injustice."

Luis Coronel

Mexican regional music star Luis Coronel also joined his fellow artists in putting a halt to their scheduled promotions to stand in solidarity with his Black brothers and sisters.


CNCO joined their colleagues in letting this day be all about Black Lives Matter. The individual members have been vocal on their own platforms, with Richard Camacho even joining the protests in Miami. He posted a heartfelt video in which he called for his fellow artists to get vocal about uniting our community and advocating for this cause.

Piso 21

Piso 21 joined the conversation by reminding their fans that we're all human beings who feel, love, and deserve respect.

Sebastián Yatra

Sebastián Yatra was another artist who honored #BlackoutTuesday to make space for the conversation around Black Lives Matter.


Yandel joined #BlackoutTuesday to take a stand "against discrimination, racism, and injustice." He added that it's our responsibility to raise our voices to make this a better world for everyone.


Thalía completely stopped promotion of her new children's album in order to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Becky G

Becky G has been incredibly vocal during this time. She asked her followers to consider who they are "offline" and the things they can do to stop placing "bandaids on gunshot wounds." "To those who are not talking about this with friends, family, fans — you are part of the systemic problem. If you are not outraged and heartbroken by the fact that black lives have been shamelessly killed for far too long, you are part of the problem," she added.

Romeo Santos

The King of Bachata also put his business on pause to support the Black community.

Prince Royce

Prince Royce shared that he would be joining #BlackoutTuesday as a way of taking "an urgent step of action to help provoke accountability and change against racism, bigotry, and injustice."

David Ortiz

Big Papi took this opportunity to also stand in support of Black Lives Matter.

Justin Quiles

Justin Quiles posted a statement in which he said that on June 2, he and his team wouldn't work how they usually do, but instead, they would focus their attention to listening to the Black community and reflect about the efforts needed to successfully contribute to combat injustice, discrimination, and violence.

Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello not only joined the Miami protests with Shawn Mendes, but she also urged her followers to sign the petition seeking justice for George Floyd. "I stand with you in outrage and I have called Minnesota Governor Walz, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, and Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman," she wrote. "We need a change, we can't afford to be silent, and we can't afford a society that's indifferent to others pain."

Emilia Mernes

"I wish someday we all can live without fear," Emilia Mernes shared on her social media. "It's saddening to see the world and humanity getting lost with each innocent soul. I support equality."

Nicky Jam

Nicky Jam has shared several images in the past days encouraging love and inclusivity, as well as reaffirming his commitment in pausing all promotion of his music for #BlackoutTuesday so relevant voices within the Black Lives Matter movement could have a space to share relevant information for all to know.

Pedro Capó

Pedro Capó has used his social media to post impactful photos and videos with messages condemning racism. He, too, joined #BlackoutTuesday and put a stop to his regular content.