These LeJuan James Videos Will Give You Childhood Flashbacks

LeJuan James is a master at creating videos that will make you feel like you are back at your mom's house just waiting for that chancletazo to come down. His videos are all we watch when we want to laugh and reminisce about our childhoods. It's like he knows everything we went through and puts it all out for the world to see. Keep scrolling and get ready to cry laughing, because these videos are so accurate.

Going to the Pool With Hispanic Parents

When Hispanic Parents Complain About Cleaning Your Room

When 1 Hispanic Parent Calls the Other Parent on You

When Hispanic Parents Lecture You About Tattoos

When Hispanic Parents Don't Like the Music You Listen To

When Hispanic Parents Lecture You About Your Friends

When You Ask Hispanic Mothers If They "Need Help"

When Hispanic Parents Don't Support the Music You Like

Hispanic Parents When You Leave the Door Open

When You're With Your Friends and Hispanic Parents Call to "Lecture" You on the Phone

That "1 Cabinet" You Can't Touch in Hispanic Houses

When Hispanic Parents Catch You "Talking Back"

When Hispanic Mothers Criticize Their Daughters About Cleaning

When Hispanic Parents Tell You to "Go to Sleep" Because You Have School Tomorrow

When Hispanic Parents Tell You to Come Eat

When You Forgot to Say "Bendicion"

When Hispanic Families Ask You "Y El Novio"

That 1 Hispanic Aunt

That 1 Hispanic Family Member Who Comes Over Unannounced

When Hispanic Parents Criticize Their Daughters' Hair

Hispanic Parents With Their Decorative Towels

When Hispanic Parents Criticize You About What You Post Online

When a Hispanic Woman Leaves You

Trying to Explain to Your Non-Hispanic Friend Why You Can't Go Out