If You Didn't Grow Up Latinx, These Greeting Cards Will Make No Sense to You

Was there ever a time when you were looking for the perfect greeting card and everything at the drugstore, with their generic sayings and boring pictures, just wasn't quite right? Well, we have found the cards that speak directly to your Latinx soul — the only ones you'll want to attach to a present or send in the mail from now on.

Magic Mood Art's cards feature several Latinx childhood staples and icons (like Frida Kahlo, Chespirito, Walter Mercado, Don Francisco, and even Dr. Ana Maria Polo from Caso Cerrado) and cover holidays and occasions only you and your family will get (healing a cold with VapoRub and Sprite, and going together like Flamin' Hot Cheetos and Tapatío). The cards will set you back $5 each — money you'll consider well invested when you see the recipient's face totally light up.

"My cards are inspired by my passion for art, humor, and culture. I started my brand because I want to provide a card company that is relatable to Latinos. I know that I am not reinventing the wheel with my company, but it is truly amazing to provide cards that represent us and spark cultural connections," the creator of the brand, Alicia Rodriguez-Torres (also known as ART), told POPSUGAR via email. "With my cards not only am I hoping to celebrate our traditions, but also keep our culture alive."