Here's How I Highlight My 2 Favorite Features Every Day

Lennie Billy
Lennie Billy

Since I became a makeup artist, I became more aware of how important is to also take care of your skin so your makeup looks flawless. Whenever I wear makeup, I like to make sure my skin looks natural and radiant.

I love looking into the mirror and feeling confident because I know I didn't go overboard using tons of makeup products that will only make my skin suffer. I think that my best features are my skin and lips, and I'm going to tell you what I do to make sure they look their best every day.

My Skin

In order to make sure my skin looks flawless, there are several steps I do to ensure my skin care routine is on point, like applying face masks regularly, never sleeping with makeup on, and wearing sunscreen every day. Before I apply makeup, I always make sure my skin is clean, and then apply a toner and moisturizer. If I know I'll be under the sun, I make sure to also apply sunscreen. Since I have combination skin, I wear a water-based sunscreen so it doesn't make my skin oily.

Depending on my mood, I choose if I want to wear a full-coverage foundation, or a CC or BB cream instead. Since I take care of my skin so well, I really don't feel the need to wear heavy foundations or concealers, so I wear BB or CC creams the majority of the time. I also love using cream highlighters and blushes, which I feel look more natural and blend better into my skin.

I'm not a fan of powders, so I barely powder my face. I think powders tend to accentuate all the thing I don't like about my face and make me look older. Also, if you know you are going to be sweating a lot, applying powder makes it worse, as it melts your makeup and makes it look cakey, making it easy for products to sit in your pores or wrinkles (just a little tip).

My Lips

When it comes to my lips, I love to wear bold lip colors. I think they look good on me (not bragging, I promise). I take good care of my lips, too. I make sure they are always moist, especially when I'm dealing with extreme weather conditions. The skin of the lips is very sensitive and breaks very easy, so I always carry lip balm. Plus, I like to scrub them with some honey and brown sugar to keep them soft and kissable.

My favorite lip formulas are glosses and cream lipsticks. I do wear matte formulas some times, but I try not to use the ones that become too dry and are difficult to remove. I like to feel comfortable with my lip makeup, and also hate having to be too rough when removing it. I spend time trying different lip formulas, and keep only those that I know are gentle on my lips.

In order to make sure my two favorite features are healthy and looking their best, I make sure to spend the time taking care of them. By doing so, I feel confident that no matter what makeup look I try, I will look and feel awesome!