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Mariah Releases New Song "Gracias"

Mariah is Saying “Gracias” and Moving on to Better Things in Her New Music Video

Maybe you've been there: you're in a relationship with a manipulative person who continues to hurt you in many ways, but you can't seem to let them go — even though you know better and despite our loved ones' advice and concern. But once we finally realize our worth and we separate from that person for good, it feels like a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders, and now we're unstoppable.

That's the vibe Mariah put into her new song, "Gracias," a ballad unlike what we're used to hearing from her, yet a nice surprise coming from Miami's newest princess. The song was a collaboration cowritten and produced by rising Venezuelan newcomer Andry Kiddos, and continues to position Mariah as Latin music's newest breakout star.

"'Gracias' is my form of manifesting liberation from the toxicity that a bad situation can cause on the soul and how we can walk away stronger and unbroken," Mariah said in a press release. "I hope it helps anyone who is going through a tough moment and needs the motivation to push through."

The music video, directed by José Emilio Sagaró, shows Mariah's most vulnerable side, with mostly close-up shots that reflect the internal turmoil she's going through as she realizes she's a strong woman who is capable of creating her own happiness.

Image Source: YouTube user Mariah
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